Mar 29

1st Bowdens Nemesis Troop Take to the Skies

On 27th March 2011, the Bowdens Nemesis Troop took to the skies above Rutland with the Skylincs
We arrived at 9.30 for a safety briefing and training on landing rolls (just in case!)
We then headed off to the air field. Where we met up with one of the Scouts, Lewis, who had
broken his arm. Still, this didn’t deter him from turning up to get invested along with his friend Ben
he moved up from Tyr Cubs with!
One by one the Scouts took to the air with a 2 up pilot. Ben could be heard from the ground as he
made his promise 300 meters in the air with Scout Active Support member Glenn Stockton!
Lewis, not deterred by his broken arm, spent his time riding in the jeep across the air field and made
his promise (uniquely with his left hand!) surrounded by the other Scouts.
A fantastic day was had by all. Click Here for more pictures.