Sep 24

3rd Market Harborough Woden Cubs

It is a very exciting time for Woden Cubs. I’ve been running the Pack for the last 3 weeks while their new Leaders find their feet and what a great bunch the Cubs are! I would like to welcome the new enthusiastic Leaders for the Woden Pack who are just as fantastic.
They are:
Vicki  – Akela
Charmaine  – Raksha
Samantha – Hathi

The Pack have lots of great activities planned following their Pack Forum the first week back, from a  trip to Nagarjuna as part of their Promise Challenge and a water sports event where they will be taking part in bellboating and kayaking.


With the annual Junkyard Challenge coming up, you will be seeing more of the Pack around the District as they go from strength to strength.


The parents have been very supportive of the new team and have welcomed them. There has already been lots of positive feedback coming in which is great.


I will be around for a little while yet in a supporting role, but as I slowly hand over the reins, I want to say a massive thank you to Vicki, Charmaine and Samantha for their time, enthusiasm and effort.


Sam Gibbs