Dec 07

Adam’s Challenge 2011

Sunday 4th December 2011 saw 25 Scouts from across Market Harborough District in 7 teams take part in Adam’s Challenge.

Adam Mugridge was a Scout at 1st Foxton Scouts when he was tragically killed on his way to school. Adam’s Challenge is a way for the Scouts to remember Adam by taking part in the sorts of Scouting activities that Adam enjoyed.

The 7 Teams were scored on several challenges which were run by Inclined Explorers, the first being getting their kit checked. It’s amazing how Scouts leave their kit in the back of mum’s car, or think they don’t need a waterproof as the sun is shining when they set off, so points ranged from 0 to 5 between the groups.

The teams set off from Foxton to their second challenge which was to carry a raw egg without touching it. The teams were given tissue paper and a piece of string. They had to get the raw egg to the end of the hike without breaking it.

Other challenges included getting your whole team off the ground for 30 seconds, tying knots, making a hat from anything you could find around you, making a frying pan from a stick, foil and a piece of string, find North while blindfolded and the last base being to cook your raw egg with the frying pan you made earlier.

All the groups did really well with very few points between first and last place. The last team finished in heavy rain!

The event was a great way for the Scouts and Explorers to interact and for the Scouts to see what the Explorers get up to. Erin Billington told the Scouts about High Adventure and Dragnet and most of the Scouts said that they wanted to have a go at High Adventure when they join Explorers.

Adam’s Challenge was won this year by 1st Bowdens Nemesis Troop’s Eagle Patrol. The shield was presented by Adam’s dad, Dave Mugridge.


Ben, Daisy, Logan & James receiving the shield from Dave Mugridge


Adam’s Challenge 2011 results:

41 Nemesis Eagles

40 Fleckney Flyers (quicker time than Foxton)

40 Foxton Incredibles

38 Nemesis Hawks

37 Kibworth Predators

35 Foxton Wolf

34 Glen Eagles