May 13

Harborough District Cubs Annual Hike.

Saturday 7th May – Harborough District Cubs Annual Hike.

A fantastic turnout with 11 teams entering the third Annual District Cub Hike. Setting off on a well thought out route from Little Bowden Scout hut and taking in the beautiful countryside along the Brampton Way, skirting around the Waterloo Farm site, completing a figure of 8 to return back to the Hut for hot dogs and drinks.   The Mad Hatters Explorers set a fun challenge outside the tunnels where the cubs had to instruct their team members blind-folded around a mine field of cones and hoops all against the clock!Team results were as follows:

1st – 1st Bowdens (Suzanne) – 97
2nd – 1st Bowdens (Shaun) – 106
3rd – 3rd MH Tyr (Steve) – 112
Joint 4th – Kibworth (Anne Marie) – 128
Joint 4th – 1st Great Glen (Alex) – 128
5th – 3rd MH Tyr (Sharron) – 131
6th – 3rd MH Tyr (Stuart) – 132
7th – Foxton (Rob) – 140
8th – Kibworth (Simon) – 143
9th – 3rd MH Woden (Vicki) – 147
10th – 1st Great Glen (Catherine) – 159

Apparently 1st Great Glen had a lovely picnic half way around!

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Thanks go to John Ross Butchers (the market) for their excellently priced, very delicious sausages and also to Wesses Bakehouse (Farndon Rd) for their extremely good value bread rolls.  All excellent cooked by Charlotte!

This was a brilliant way to spend a saturday afternoon and congratulations go to all those who entered, along with many thanks to the Leader team for their great organisational skills in getting everbody off on time on a very well planned route.

Same time next year?