About Us

There have been Scout Troops in Mkt.Harborough since the early days of the Movement in 1908.
By 1912 there were three Troops in the Town and three in the surrounding villages of Fleckney, Kibworth and Lubenham. Three of these are still in existance.
The District covers an area bounded by the A47 towards Billesdon, South-East to the border with Northamptonshire at Drayton, West to the old A50 near Husbands Bosworth, North to Kilby and along the River Sence through Gt.Glen. When Gt.Glen joined the District in the early Eighties they brought the number of Groups up to twelve, most of which had more than one Colony, Pack or Troop and the number of Young People in the area enjoying Scouting reached its peak. Sadly by 2000 these had declined, Some Groups Disbanded and some amalgamated. The 6 remaining Groups are expanding rapidly due in part to the increased housing for young families in the area, But mainly because


The SCOUTS have an annual Camping Competition and the winning Patrols are presented with a shield which was donated in 1912 by Sir Keith Fraser Bart. a local MP. Probably the longest running Competition in the World !
The CUBS usually hold a Model making Competition and various Sporting Tournaments each year. A Biennial Swimming Gala is also held for these Sections.
All Groups can be seen Parading through the Town on the nearest Sunday to Saint George’s Day and again with the Local Remembrance Day Parades.
Until recently a GANG SHOW was regularily performed in the Town , Produced in association with local GIRL GUIDES.
There may be another performance soon as we are currently enjoying a “BOOM” in Adults Volunteering to help at all levels.
As a Rural Community the majority of SCOUTING in Mkt. HARBOROUGH DISTRICT is done Outdoors with the few indoor Winter meetings spent planning and preparing for Spring, Summer and Autumn Activities.
Why not come and join us! If you are over 6 years old all your Physical, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual needs will be met and Stimulated to Improve your Life Skills !

District Commissioner : Debbie Billington
Deputy District Commissioner : Ben Reed