Champion Young Leaders

23 April 2017

Champion young leaders awardsEvery week, across the district, our Explorer Young Leaders help to run beaver, cub and scout sections.  Some have been doing this for over 3 years and provide invaluable support to the leadership team and programme.

In recognition of their commitment and determination, Hannah Dove, our Youth Commissioner  asked leaders to nominate those that continually go over and above expectations as Champion Young Leaders.

To be Champions, they need to have been a young leader for at least a year, regularly attending meetings and camps with their section and have completed Young Leader training modules.

Today, at our St George’s Day Celebrations, six Young Leaders were recognised as Champions and were awarded a certificate and St George fleur de lis pin badge:



Matt Arkwright  1st Bowdens TuScouts

Henry Smith  3rd MH Kingfisher Beavers

Jonah Geddes  1st Kibworth Whirlwind Beavers

Fergus Longley  1st Market Harborough Cubs

George Leete  1st Market Harborough Cubs

Daisy Pierce    1st Bowdens Apache Beavers


Read on below for their individual citations.


Name:                    Matt Arkwright

Member of:            Dragon ESU

Young Leader at:     1st Bowdens TuScouts

Matt has been a Young Leader with us for the past three years.  During his time with us he’s shown commitment and enthusiasm for his role.  He seldom misses a week and is often the first to arrive and one of the last to leave. Unlike most Explorers he is not volunteering as Young Leader with us in order to complete the volunteering element of the D of E Awards, he is simply there for the love of Scouting. He uses his own initiative, anticipating the equipment required for an activity and getting it ready before being asked. He has given up his weekend and supported Bowdens Scouts on several camps. As he is studying countryside management at college he has several transferable skills that he brings to Scouting.  At our recent Winter Camp, under the supervision of a Leader, he led the axes and saws activity.

Matt is confident planning and running meetings, last year, using his knowledge learnt in GCSE Astronomy, he planned and led the activities enabling the Scouts to achieve the Astronomy Activity Badge.  He will also be planning the last meeting before Easter, which is going to be an Easter egg hunt with a difference!

He is very popular with the Scouts, it has to be said that they enjoy the banter too!  Some comments from out senior Scouts include:

“Matt always makes our meetings really fun and thinks up different and interesting things to do,” Esme (APL.)

“Matt always makes us laugh,” Clodagh (SPL.)

Nominated by Sue Dove, Assistant Scout Leader, 1st Bowdens TuScouts


Name:                    Henry Smith

Member of:            Inclined ESU

Young Leader at:     3rd Market Harborough Kingfisher Beavers

Henry Smith has been helping at 3rd Market Harborough Kingfisher Beavers for several years now.Henry

I should explain that I am not a leader with Kingfishers but with Mallard Beavers. However, as they are currently without a Section Leader I thought I would nominate on Kingfishers’ behalf.

I asked the previous section leader, Sheila Seaton for details of what he has done for the group and she was able to help me fill in the details!

Henry has been helping at Kingfishers since he was 14 which is more than 2 years now; both when it was on a Saturday morning and now on a Tuesday evening. He has always been very much part of the team, leading craft activities and games. He always works well with the leaders, other Explorers and of course the Beavers themselves, and he has accompanied the group on several sleepovers and day trips. As Henry has matured he has taken on more responsibility for the colony activities. He is a kind, honest and loyal young man, a perfect representation of a true Scout.

Nominated by Milly Pinnock, ABSL 3rd Market Harborough Mallard Beavers


Name:                    Jonah Geddes

Member of:            Dragon ESU

Young Leader at       Kibworth Whirlwind Beavers

Jonah Geddes is a Young Leader at Whirlwind Beavers in Kibworth. He has been working with the section since September 2015. Jonah has worked hard to Jonahundertake all his training and modules for his young leader buckle, attends camps and is the Colony’s nominated “games master!”

Anna Mousley was the Leader there when Jonah started and tells me that Jonah is “a star!”

One of the Leaders, Gordon Macdonald stated, “He is a great addition to the team. He has recently taken on the responsibility of running all the games and is getting a good library of games to play at short notice. We can rely on him if we have a spare few minutes to come up with, and run, a game the boys enjoy. He has been to the John’s Lee Wood camp last year with the Beavers, and took great delight in helping light and maintaining the campfire.  Last, but no mean least, when we held our Beavers Burns Supper he wore a kilt for the first time. So, I would agree with Anna that he is a star”.

In addition to his role with the Beavers, Jonah is also a keen helper at the County Sailing Base at Roundhill Sailing Club and plans and runs meetings for the Dragon Explorer Unit.

Nominated by Sam Gibbs, Explorer Scout Leader


Name:                    Fergus Longley & George Leete

Member of:            Dragon ESU

Young Leader at       1st Market Harborough CubsGeorgeFergus

George has been a Young Leader with the 1st Market Harborough Cub Pack since April 2013 and was quickly joined by Fergus. During a period of transition with new Leaders, the 2 Young Leaders became a very proactive team, running games and parts of the programme while the new Leaders found their feet. I regularly received very positive feedback from Mark Turner who was the GSL there before he sadly passed away, telling me what an asset they were to the group.

This sentiment is echoed by Gary Duffin who is the Leader of the 1st Market Harborough Cub Pack who tells me they are both reliable and get involved in what the Cubs are doing.

Fergus turned 18 in February and has decided to take on a role as Assistant Leader with the Pack.

George and Fergus have certainly worked hard over the last 4 years and whilst they never seek any thanks or recognition, they certainly deserve it.

Nominated by Sam Gibbs, Explorer Scout Leader


Name:                    Daisy Pierce

Member of:            Dragon ESU

Young Leader at       1st Bowdens Apache BeaversDaisy

Daisy Pearce has been a young leader with 1st Bowden Beavers for three and a half years – initially supporting the Comanche Beavers for about six months then moving to Apache Beavers where she has remained.

Other than when she has been studying for her exams she has attended every session. Daisy has grown in confidence during this time and is an absolute asset. As soon as she arrives she gets involved: helping children who are unsure; setting up games; organising the activities for the session and dealing with any upsets as they occur. Whenever she is able to, Daisy will attend a beaver camp and is on the go the whole time. She is someone all of the adult leaders know we can rely on at all times.

During her time with us, Daisy has completed her D of E awards and has also represented the district at the World Jamboree in Japan.

She is now off to university to begin the next chapter in her life and this would be an amazing way to say thank you for all the time she has given our beavers.

Nominated by David Sawford,  GSL