District Dodgeball Competition

31 October 2017

On Sunday 11th October 50 Scouts (8 Teams) and 10 Explorers (2 Teams) came together at Harborough Leisure Centre for a Tournament in the fast growing sport known as Dodgeball.

The event was organised by James Civil of Harborough Hurricanes Dodgeball.

Eight Scout teams contested in two round robin groups of four with each team in each group playing the other teams for three two minute games. Three points for a win and one for a draw.

Then all eight teams were involved in play offs for the final positions from first to eighth.

Hope you are keeping up with it all so far!

A fiercely contested final was duelled out over the best of 5 games, with eventual winners Great Glen Hurricanes defeating Great Glen Lightning.

Then the pace of the game got even faster as the Mad Hatters Explorers took on the might of the Lynx Welland Valley Young Leaders. The Mad Hatters ended up the eventual winners.

After these tournaments the Scouts and Explorers had ‘crazy’ Last Man Stands tournaments, followed by a Last Man Stands for Leaders and Parents!

Our thanks to James for organising such a fun and fast flowing event, and also to Ben Lowen from Hinckley District who came to help with refereeing.

In true Scouting spirit, Sportsmanship and Handshaking in victory and defeat were the order of the day. And prizes were also awarded for Sportsmanship.

Congratulations to ALL who took part, and we can’t wait for the next one. Perhaps an Inter District County Tournament, or even at the next Charnwood!

Phil Reed, Tournament Organiser