Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement sets out what we do with Personal Data and what you can expect from Harborough District Scouts as part of our obligations when processing this Personal Data.

Additional information about our general data privacy position can be found by contacting

What data is being gathered?
  • Name, date of birth (of child only), address, email and phone numbers for youth member and their parents when requesting to join.
  • Records of meeting attendance and achievements.
  • Emergency contact details and related relevant medical details.
  • Records of any non-professional First Aid or other medical interventions that might occur.
Why is this information being collected?
  • Identify the member
  • Verify that the member’s age is acceptable for an event
  • Contact emergency contacts in the event of an emergency
  • Administer any medications that may be required during an event
  • Inform the event organiser of any disabilities, cultural or any additional needs they may need to cater for
  • Verification of parental responsibility for authorisation to register the member for an event
Where will the data be stored and what protection is in place to keep it secure?
  • This Data is securely stored . We take data security very seriously
  • As paper records in secure storage (e.g. in a locked briefcase or similar for mobile records, or a locked filing cabinet for non-mobile records)
  • Electronically either online or on specific devices. All devices and access to specific data are password protected
Who will have access to this data?
  • Relevant members of The District Executive Committee and District Team (for initial requests or District organisation/administration purposes)
  • Relevant Section Leaders (for initial requests or organisation and administration purposes)
  • Relevant Event Leaders (to enable proper and safe provision of events either within or outside of the District)
  • Scout National HQ at Gilwell (selected data only to comply either with National Scout Association Policy or for other statutory reasons).
When will this data be destroyed?
  • Membership data is destroyed within 30 days of leaving either the waiting list or actual membership or transferring to a different Group.
  • Event data is destroyed 2 months after the completion of an event.
  • Award data is anonymised and kept indefinitely for monitoring progress and statistical purposes.
  • Accident details are retained locally for accidents not requiring professional medical intervention, until the individual is 21 or 3 years, whichever is greater.

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