Summit 17 Outcomes

12 October 2017


On Tuesday 3 October, 22 volunteers from across the district met to give their feedback on The Scout Association’s Draft Strategic plan for 2018-2023 as well as priorities for development in Harborough District.

The Draft plan is available from the members website and was also distributed with your invitation to join the Summit meeting.




Overall the participants thought that the Draft Strategic plan:

Had identified the right priorities for young people already in scouting
But that they were not the right priorities for young people not yet in scouting. The Draft plan does not go far enough in extending our reach, especially into underrepresented communities.
They thought it did not identify the right priorities for adult volunteers already in scouting but that it did for the wider community.
When asked if they were in support of the proposed plan the vast majority neither agreed or disagreed.



In terms of which of the 17 proposed initiatives were most exciting, the meeting voted for:
First:       Uniform Review by 2023 starting with explorers
Second:  Improve the volunteer journey – Transform adult recruitment
Third:      Focus on developing amazing section leaders with practical scouting skills




Then asked which of the 17 initiatives they would prioritise to complete first:
First:       Improve the volunteer journey – Transform Adult recruitment
Second:  Delivery of a quality programme – Focus on developing amazing section leaders with
                practical scouting skills
Third:      Extend our reach – reach more underrepresented communities



We then considered various priorities for Harborough District over the next five years. Here they are with the most popular first:
Support the expansion of the district with particular regards to premises. (9)
Improve the operation of the Young Leaders Scheme. (8)
Search for and establish a district campsite. (8)
Refocus the role of ADCs to planning and facilitating elements of the programme that individual sections find hard to offer or complete. (6)
Rethink HAISNOs – revert to separate district meetings and separate sectional meetings. (5)
More Nights Away Permit holders; at least one per section. (4)
Refocus the role of the ADCs to provide more “in section” support rather than “across district”. (3)
Increase the number of training advisers. (3)
Open new Groups. (3)
Promote scouting locally as providing skills for life. (3)
Establish district scout/PL and explorer forums (2)
Open additional sections as existing groups. (1)
Improve programme quality and breadth across all sections – measured by more Chief Scout Awards achieved. (1)



I have submitted the feedback on the Draft Strategic Plan to Gilwell and that on our own local priorities will be used in drawing up our own district development plan. Thank you to those of you who gave up yet another evening for scouting. It was good to get some grass roots feedback to direct our future efforts from our amazing volunteers – who really make the difference.


Debbie Billington, District Commissioner