Venue: Fox Coverts Scout Campsite (Hinckley District)
Date: 23rd – 25th September
Winning Patrol: 1st Great Glen, Merlin’s 409 points
Runner Up: 2nd Foxton 406 points and 3rd Great Glen Cobras with 399 points
Presented By: Mr Derek Catt (County Commissioner)
Judges: Eric Gamble DC, Steve Cole.

Patrol Members; – Ben Brown, Sam Hill, James Gardner, Keir Salter, Harry Greaves PL

7 patrols took part

The first ever “Girl Scouts” to take part in Fraser Shield and achieving second place.

Activities: – Batak, Archery & Assault Course

I want the public to know how Scouting continues to open young people’s eyes to a world of extraordinary promise and possibilities.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls